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You might want to watch where you bow when you’re in front of the ruler of the Squomp. Being the lord of all things smelly, wet and swampy can certainly take its toll, so you can hardly blame the guy for being a little down in the dumps most days, can you?
Glass-half-empty, sunny-side-down, leave-that-frown-just-the-way-it-is: this is the modus operandi of the Squid King. Always looking for a way to get one up on those who seem to be having a good time. Be careful not to smile in his presence or he may read you some of his poetry…

Ah, Squiddy… A bit of a Bernard Marx, this one. A squid unlike any other – he shows ambition, motivation, and an interest in the world outside the Squomp. He dreams of a trip outside these murky boarders, to get away from it all and book a room at the Last Resort. If he only spent less time day dreaming he might get to work on time! Squiddy is our underdog in the land of Squids, a stand up fall guy looking for his lucky break.

No one is quite sure where the Squid Monster came from but duck for cover if you see him flying in, as this misunderstood monster has a fiery gastroenteritis complaint. The Fire of London, the Chicago Fire, the Great Gallop Upside down Inferno of ‘68… Yeah, it was this guy..


Kneel down before the right-royal-ruler of the land of Gallop! Two heads may be better than one, but when you’re in the company of this three-headed Monarch things can get a bit over-crowded. There aren’t many things that his three-heads can agree upon, but once he finally makes his minds up it’s best to remember that while you’re in the world of Gallop, King Gallop’s word is law, otherwise you might be on a one-way trip to the Mountains of Menace…

Here’s what you need to know about Frank…
He is the real supreme protector of the Kingdom of Gallop, and he isn’t Hank.
Sure, Hank is Franks twin but Frank isn’t Hank. Frank is definitely taller, tougher and braver than Hank. Together though, these two are the guardians of the king and the kingdom of Gallop. They’re straight shooting blokes but these guys have a softer side too. Frank does anyway, he’s not so sure about Hank.

Here’s what you need to know about Hank…
He is the real supreme protector of the Kingdom of Gallop, and he isn’t Frank.
Sure, Frank is Hanks twin but Hank isn’t Frank. Hank is definitely taller, tougher and braver than Frank. Together though, these two are the guardians of the king and kingdom of gallop. They’re straight shooting blokes but these guys have a softer side too. Hank does anyway, he’s not so sure about Frank…

Welcome to the world of Gallop! Balthazar is your guide beyond the map, into the strange and mysterious ways of this land and its inhabitants. An adventurer, a rogue, and our hero, there are few who have explored as widely as her, and she’s yet to face an escapade she couldn’t handle. Whether it’s completing quests for the king, battling Beiber Bird or aiding the stray traveller through Gallop – Balthazar is there!

Gallop is an old world, full of ancient mysteries too great for even Squizzard or King Gallop to answer. One creature that may hold the answers to the great questions of Gallop is the Keyper. The last of its kind, this gargantuan guardian makes the water flow through the land. After several lifetimes in the job however, his manners have grown very rusty, and anyone in search of his knowledge will face the truly daunting task of getting on his good side!


Have you heard of Elephants? Big, burly, grumpy and grazing, stomping about on two legs? Cantankerous old things, always reminding you how hard things were back in their day. You think you have it hard now? Well, back when they were your age they had it worse; walking to school 8 days a week, fighting off giant Chookins nine times the size of the ones you see around these days – up hill too, both ways! Whew… if you can get past their dusty demeanour though, then you might get a glimpse of their belly magic, one of the real unknown wonders of Gallop.


Are you a believer? No? Well that won’t stop this nuisance bird turning up and pitching a song that’ll make your eardrums burst. Making his nest in the Mountains of Menace, and holding sway over the Chookins of the forest, he’s the resident bad guy of the Gallop world, swooping in to warble his deafening tunes over anyone who strays too close to the mountain’s dark tipped peaks.

Why’d the Chicken cross the road? Because the Chookins scared them out of the forest long ago! Around here, every night is hens night and these prehistoric party animals are here to stay up late and shake their feathers. When you’re in their forest, this brood is the in-crowd and you might ruffle some feathers if you try to crash their party. There’s only one way through the forest though, so if you’re hoping to slip through undetected you better bop your head and dance the drum stick like a local. Let’s hope you can wing it and avoid getting pecked out!


Once, in eons past there was a great wizard who lived in Gallop. Some say he was wise and all powerful, the original ruler of the entire kingdom. Others say he was a loon, a crazy-crackpot that strayed too much into mad-magics and disappeared, met by a terrible fate. Whatever the truth, it matters not, for now… Shooting through the skies like a bolt of magic lightning comes Squizzard! Part goat, part shaman, his prophetic bleatings and clouds of glitter are sure to leave you more than a little confused.

The land of Gallop holds many secrets; Where is here? When is now? What time is tea? And who is this strange traveller who reminds us eerily of ourselves? The Traveller is a journeyman, lost in time and place – seeking a return to a world that he has all but forgotten. A collector of curios, a gatherer of gewgaws, this traveller is building…something..something… If only he could remember what it was for! Often mistaken for a fool, he may hold some of the answers you seek… Now if only you can help him remember…
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