Digital Puppetry is stories, games and interactive encounters in a world of shapes, masks and characters, an exciting way to engage with modern audiences. Realised through using X-Box Kinect technology, reading the performers’ movements, letting them and you interact with a world full of possibilities.

Galloping Tales revolves around our main character Balthazar as they lead us, the audience, through a bizarre world (called Gallop) meeting strange and curious characters and overcoming some unexpected events.

The main plot unfolds as the “Belly Magic” of the world gets stolen by a mysterious traveller. It is up to Balthazar, along with aid from the audience to find and return the belly magic. We use interactive questions, games and riddles with the audience to track down the “Belly Magic” and return it for a final celebration. The show is split into 6 episodes, each episode revolving around a main game we play with the audience. Each episode leads towards the final resolution of the challenge.

Galloping Tales uses two XBOX Kinect stations where the infrared tracking technology matches the full body movements of the puppeteer to the digital characters. These characters then travel through a plot, broken down into episodes, that all combine into one overall show.

We have three performers on stage; two puppeteers and one operator. Feel free to download the PDF rider for the show here.

TechRider GallopingTales

Currently we have finished this season for Galloping Tales. Season two is in production at the moment. Feel free to message us to find out more information.

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